“What you think, you become

What you feel, you attract.

What you imagine, you create.”



Each encounter, each event, each new adventure brings you to a certain point to follow a new road. Sometimes forced, sometimes self-defined. But I am convinced that nothing happens without an absolute reason and destined way to eventually get there and to grow further.

What once was born out of an enthusiastic started hobby with my dog Simba as big inspiration source has resulted to combine this part together with my developed professional built up skills to move these into my own company.

Coming from of a real business family, often says blood is always thicker than water. After having exposed myself into communication, commercial, but also organisational sides in different branches, which were either voluntary or paid, I decided to go back to my origin roots… the fashion…

Out of my own outdoor activities with my Shiba Simba, I often drag to the fact that at the current market it is hard to find nice, fashionable clothes for outdoor activities, which are also comfortable to wear and have the required practical characteristics. Due to the adventurous dog walks, of which Simba’s Adventures has been created, the idea has raised up in order to do more with this. This because of my experience into the entrepreneurship, the fashion and my passion, which is to make a successful project from A to Z, to merge into my own Simba's Adventures.

In addition to Simba's Adventures I also work as  volunteer for the World Wildlife Fund and Nippon Inu, an organisation in The Netherlands for Japanese dog breeds in which I help to organise events and dog walks. Also I am part of the team Welcome 2 Rotterdam Prince Party, a non-profit organisation by fans for fans, who organises European oriented tribute parties, dedicated to the musical genius Prince.

The scarce free time which remains, I  like to spend with my  great love for dance. Another common thread through my life what once started at the age of 3. Dancing  makes me happy, keeps me positive and gives me a considerable boost of energy to keep me standing in my entrepreneurial  and busy life in which perfection is highly committed.

With Simba's Adventures, Simba and I hope to take you a bit into our world. Our adventures, our creativity, our passions, our dreams and our love for  all  the beauty mother  nature is giving us.  

Welcome at Simba's Adventures!


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